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My Story

I'm Amanda Sharp, Birth Boot Camp Instructor, and Doula. I'm passionate about providing women with education, resources, and information to help them have an amazing pregnancy and birth. I have a beautiful daughter and an amazing husband whom I live with in Pleasant Grove, Utah. When I'm not obsessing about all things birth, I love to read, play games, crochet, and hike.


My introduction to the world of birth choices and education came when I was a teenager. I had been researching ways to naturally improve my health, and my research extended into the realm of midwives, doulas, and childbirth education.


As I grew into adulthood, I continued my research, and soon found myself advocating for maternal education and choices in childbirth. I decided to pursue my Doula training in 2014. A few years later I got pregnant with my daughter and decided to look into childbirth education. After seeking out almost every childbirth education organization out there I decided to train with Birth Boot Camp, because of the beautiful and updated materials, the comprehensive curriculum, and the feeling of community surrounding the company.


I am happy to serve the birth community throughout all of Utah, Summit, Weber, Davis, and Salt Lake counties.