Frequently asked questions

Childbirth Education

What sets Birth Boot Camp classes apart from all the other classes available?

We recognize that you have a bounty of options when it comes to childbirth education classes, and thank you for considering Your Amazing Birth. Birth Boot Camp prides itself on being a completely up to date, evidence-based, streamlined, and visually striking program. A few things that set Birth Boot Camp apart: - It is important to note that Birth Boot Camp is NOT a method of giving birth like many other childbirth education classes are. Many moms devote a lot of time and money into one particular birth method only to find out at the time of birth that the method doesn’t work for them as they imagined in a birth setting. To avoid this disappointing experience, we give moms all the tools they need to have hundreds of ways to handle the pains of labor, prepare themselves for birth mentally and physically, and get the birth experience they envision, whatever that may be. - Birth Boot Camp prides itself on our beautifully updated, full-color manuals that come with admission for each class. If you are interested in previewing these amazing materials, please contact me and we can set up a time to meet! - Birth Boot Camp has an advisory board of professionals that weigh in on the Birth Boot Camp curriculum and ensure that everything is as up to date as possible. This advisory board includes an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a Certified Corrective Exercise, and Performance Enhancement Specialist and a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Webster Certified Chiropractor, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Professional Midwife. - The Birth Boot Camp DOULA and Childbirth Education programs work seamlessly together. If you are looking at hiring a doula for your birth, taking a Birth Boot Camp class and hiring a Birth Boot Camp DOULA ensures that you are receiving seamless support and education through your entire pregnancy and birth. Doulas have their own beautiful manual and have all taken the Birth Boot Camp 10-week series, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and you will be comfortable using terminology and techniques that you learned in class.

Why should we take such a long series of classes? My hospital has a class that is a few hours long and happens in 1/2 days.

At Your Amazing Birth, we believe that birth is a deeply relevant life event. Our classes can help make the birth experience more joyful bringing a couple closer together while also improving the odds of successful breastfeeding. Most hospital birth classes are heavily focused on hospital policies and what they expect from you during your birth experience. We are empowering moms to take back their birth by getting their information from an unbiased third party to ensure the most satisfying birth, pregnancy, and postpartum experience possible! Take a look at what we cover - nutrition and exercise to stay low risk, common procedures during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, the physical happenings of labor and birth, the history of birth and how it affects you as a birthing mother, choices of care provider and birth locations, breastfeeding, comfort measures for labor and birth, positions for labor and pushing, being an awesome support partner, newborn care, as well as pregnancy and postpartum care. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to preparing to have a baby!

Doula Services

My care provider says that I don't need a doula since they or a nurse/assistant midwife will fill the role of Doula.

As a doula and childbirth educator, I have nothing but respect for medical professionals and the unique role they play in your birth. Sometimes people in the medical community are hesitant to work with doulas because of a negative experience with a doula practicing outside of her scope, which is regrettable. A doula has a unique role as well - she supports you emotionally and physically before, during and after your birth. Medical professionals are there to diagnose and handle medical issues and typically don't spend much time with you during the birth. The doctor or midwife in a hospital setting typically arrives during the last 30 minutes of your birth to catch the baby. Your assigned nurse will likely have several other moms she is attending during your birth, as well as other responsibilities such as charting and paperwork. On top of all of this, most care providers do not have the specialized training in caring for laboring women the way a doula is trained to. Having a specially trained doula by your side through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time-period is a very effective way to ensure mom's voice is heard and she gets the most out of her birth experience.

Are you a certified doula?

Yes! I am a certified Birth Boot Camp DOULA.

When should I contact my doula?

Please feel free to reach out to your doula at any time from the time of booking until six weeks postpartum. If the issue is urgent (water has broken, the mother is experiencing a loss, contractions have reached the interval discussed in the birth planning visit, any urgent changes in the health of mother or baby occur), the client should call (not text) immediately. If there is no answer, the client should leave a message, send a text, and refer to the backup numbers that they have received in their booking interview. Other times you may choose to contact your doula via text, call, or email: - You have an appointment with your care provider - You have any questions regarding your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum (keeping in mind that your Doula is not a medical care provider and that any medically urgent questions should be communicated with care provider) - You would like to schedule your Birth Planning visit - You would like to schedule your Postpartum visit - You would like to borrow materials from our extensive lending library - You would like a copy of our curated resource list or other recommendations - You need a listening ear The hours of 8am-8pm Monday through Friday are our open contact hours, where you can expect a response within a few hours at most. If you contact Your Amazing Birth outside of those hours with a non-urgent issue, expect a response during the next open contact period (i.e. If you contact on Friday at 11 pm, you may not receive a response until the following Monday between 8am-8pm, depending on availability). If Your Amazing Birth will be out of contact for any period of time, clients will be provided with the information of backup doula(s). The contact policies of backup doulas may or may not vary from that of Your Amazing Birth.

Do you offer trades or sliding scale rates?

Your Amazing Birth is able to accept trades to services on a limited basis at the discretion of Your Amazing Birth. Trades may cover all or part of the services booked, and the rest of the payment will be collected following the normal methods. We are unable to provide sliding scale rates at this time, however, we are proud to offer discounts in the following situations: - Mother is placing the baby for adoption - Mother is under the age of 18 - Mother is a survivor of abuse (domestic, sexual, physical, etc.) - Mother or Father serve in the military - Mother or Father are students All discounted services are provided at Your Amazing Births discretion. Please contact us for more information.

Placenta Services

Should I utilize the raw or steamed method of placenta encapsulation?

This decision is based completely on client preference. The steamed preparation is the Traditional Chinese Medicine method, which involves the steaming and of the placenta with ginger, chili, and lemon, all of which are said to have healing properties and can be very beneficial for postpartum mothers. After steaming, dehydration, grinding, and encapsulation occurs as normal. The steaming of the placenta results in its moderate shrinkage, which yields fewer capsules as a result. The raw preparation involves the dehydration, grinding, and encapsulation of the raw placenta. Some believe that the steaming of the placenta results in a loss of nutrients and prefer the placenta to be as unprocessed as possible. If you would like to experience the benefits of both methods of encapsulation, we offer an upgrade for $25 that allows you to recieve a 50/50 blend of steamed and raw preperation. Please indicate this at registeration.

How should I store my placenta capsules and other placenta products?

Capsules: Because we dehydrate our placentas before encapsulation, we do not recommend the placement of the capsules in a high humidity environment such as a refrigerator. The average refrigerator can have a humidity content of 70­-95%, where Freezers have an average of 30­-35% humidity. For the first 6 weeks, store your capsules in a dark, cool cabinet, such as a spice cabinet or medicine cabinet. Due to the dehydrated nature of your capsules, there will be no moisture left inside of the ground placenta. Because of this, there cannot be bacteria, mold or spore growth. If you notice a moldy appearance or smell, discontinue use immediately and contact your placenta specialist. Please do not leave the lid off of your capsules for an extended period of time. After 6 weeks, if you notice that there are still capsules left, you can transfer them to the freezer for long-term preservation. The capsules will need to come out of the bottle and go into a freezer-safe ziplock bag. On average, placenta capsules have a 2-year shelf life. If stored properly, there isn't a concern of them going bad during this time-frame. After 2 years, their nutritional and hormonal quality greatly decreases, and we no longer recommend consumption. Tincture: Store your tincture in a dark, cool cabinet, such as a spice cabinet or medicine cabinet. Because of the alcohol content of the tincture, there is a long shelf life and they will be good for many years (in fact, some women use them during menopause for hormone stabilization!). Cord Keepsake: Please store your cord keepsake in an open-air satchel like the one that it comes in. This allows air to flow to your cord keepsake which prevents mold and bacteria growth and also keeps the keepsake free from dust and pests. Storage in an enclosed environment such as a plastic bag may result in mold growth due to retained moisture. Placenta Smoothie Packs: Your placenta smoothie packs should be used within one year of receipt.

When and where will you pick up my placenta?

We guarantee pickup will occur within 12 hours of birth unless otherwise communicated with the client. Depending on the client's place of birth and preferences, pickup can occur in a number of ways. For hospital births where mother has not been discharged by the time pickup occurs, a designated person (usually a partner or relative of the mother) is in charge of bringing the placenta to the lobby of the hospital where the designated person will then release it to Your Amazing Birth (signature will be required at this time). Generally, these pickups occur during normal business hours unless otherwise indicated. In the case of home birth and hospital birth, the parents must communicate their preferences to Your Amazing Birth. Since birth centers typically release their clients much earlier than hospitals, generally clients will bring the placenta home with them and release it to Your Amazing Birth from there. If you desire the pickup to occur while you are still at the birth center we will make every effort to accommodate this request, but sometimes this will not be possible due to scheduling restraints.

When will my placenta products be ready?

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time and are pleased to get most of our placenta products back to our clients within 48 hours. This means that at the very most, you will have your placenta capsules, smoothie packs, prints, and cord keepsake back to you within 60 hours after the birth of your baby. This fast turnaround ensures that our clients will be able to start reaping the benefits of placentophagy as soon as possible to aid in their postpartum healing. Because of the nature of tinctures and the long preparation time to ensure a potent and top-notch finished product, tinctures will not be delivered to the mother until 6 weeks after processing begins.

Can you work with my frozen placenta?

If your placenta was safely frozen within 3 days of your birth and it has not been more than 6 months from the time of delivery we can encapsulate it and provide other edible products. If your placenta has been frozen for longer than this time, we are unable to provide edible products but would be happy to provide cord keepsakes and prints.

How many capsules will I get from my placenta?

This answer varies greatly based on the size of the placenta and whether there have been other placenta remedies (such as smoothies or tincture) made. It is also of note that selecting the steamed method of encapsulation will result in a lower yield because of shrinkage. Your Amazing Birth encapsulates the cord and amniotic sac with the placenta, which makes our yield higher than many other placenta encapsulators. Most of our moms get a yield of 175-225 pills, with outliers on either side of that range.

What is the dosage of placenta capsules?

Your dosage will be individually determined by your placenta encapsulation specialist based on information from you. Generally, clients take anywhere from 1-6 capsules a day. We always suggest for our clients to start with the lowest dose possible and work up slowly.

If I order a placenta smoothie, how will that be delivered?

Placenta smoothies are prepared in the clients home using the client's blender. If the client is still in the hospital, a designated person will accompany the placenta specialist back to your home where the smoothie will be made and then returned to you by your designated person. If you had a home or hospital birth the placenta can be made at your location, just make sure to plan ahead by having a blender available to use.


Why is it called "Birth Boot Camp"?

Birth Boot Camp isn’t named because birth is like a war, but birth is certainly hard work, and a lot of preparation goes into it. It is named Birth Boot Camp to signify the fact that it will be work, and that you’ll come out the other side as a birthing pro! You can expect to finish your course with a whole host of information, techniques, resources, and ideas that you didn’t have before, and you will have the confidence and knowledge you need to have an amazing birth. It should also be noted that while we do provide a fitness program developed by a Certified Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Specialist and a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, this is not an exercise class.

What areas do you serve?

We travel up to 70 miles in any direction from our primary location in Pleasant Grove. We are happy to serve Utah, Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, and Summit counties, as well as their surrounding areas. If you are looking for childbirth education, placenta services, or doula services outside those areas, contact us for reccomendations!

I'm having a hard time getting myself (or my partner) to commit this much money to birth services.

We fully understand that birth services are an investment. We strive to have options such as payment plans available to allow more people to experience the benefits that these services have to offer. We do understand that not everyone can swing it financially. If you are in that situation, feel free to contact us and we can connect you to some resources that may be of service to you. That being said, we would not offer these services if we didn't believe in them. It is impossible to put a price on the benefits of a doula or childbirth education class. Doulas can help lower the chances of intervention that can negatively impact the postpartum experience, and we have found that clients who take our classes are less likely to experience a cesarean birth. Placenta encapsulation can help reduce cases of postpartum depression and increase breastmilk production. You and your unforgettable birth experience are worth the investment!