Placenta Processing Services Terms and Conditions

  1. At the time of registration, Your Amazing Birth will collect a retainer fee of 25% of the client's total fees due. This fee is non-refundable.

  2. Full payment is due by the clients due date or birth, whichever comes first. 

  3. Your Amazing Birth will not start processing the placenta until payment for the order is received in full.

  4. Any advice or information provided by Your Amazing Birth regarding Placenta Encapsulation is based on experience, research where available, documentation and client testimonials from mothers who have used placenta capsules and remedies for their post-partum recovery. However, Your Amazing Birth does not guarantee the benefits of Placenta Remedies.

  5. Your Amazing Birth is not a medical body and does not claim to treat, cure or relieve any symptoms in pregnancy, birth or post-birth.

  6. Your Amazing Birth recommends you seek advice from your GP, OBGYN, or Midwife if you have any problems with your pregnancy, birth or post-birth recovery.

  7. Clients who choose to use the services of Your Amazing Birth take full responsibility for their own health and for researching and using the remedies we provide.

  8. The Client agrees to stop using the remedies immediately if feeling unwell and to seek advice from a medical professional.

  9. The Client agrees that Your Amazing Birth is not liable and do not take responsibility for any results or effects the Client may experience before, during or after consuming the placenta unless resulting directly from the negligence of Your Amazing Birth.

  10. The Client agrees that all placenta capsules and other placenta remedies are for the Client’s own use only and must not be shared with others.

  11. Your Amazing Birth does not take responsibility for damaged, loss, or placentas that have not been adequately stored before the placenta comes into its care.

  12. The Client agrees to contact Your Amazing Birth (480-772-3240) via 2 separate text messages. Text Message 1: When ’established labor’ begins and Text Message 2: Within 30 minutes of birth to arrange collection of the placenta in line with the chosen collection method.

  13. The Client agrees that failure to send Text Message 1 may mean the collection of the placenta will be delayed by 1 day or more.

  14. Placenta must be stored in a clean, labeled container inside a cooler box/bag on ice, or in a refrigerator within 30 minutes after the birth of the placenta.

  15. The Client agrees to ensure her placenta remains chilled and under 45°F until collection.

  16. For hygiene reasons any cool boxes/bags/containers/ice packs that are used to store and transport the placenta will not be returned if they cannot be safely and thoroughly sanitized. They are considered single use only and will be safely disposed of.

  17. The Client consents to the removal of the placenta from the hospital, birth center, or home, by Your Amazing Birth to the extent necessary for the performance by Placenta Practice of the placenta services requested on the Clients booking form.

  18. When collecting from hospitals, Your Amazing Birth specialists/assistants will meet the client's designated person at the main entrance of the hospital.

  19. Placenta Smoothie can only be made in the Client’s home, using the Client’s own blender. Placenta must be brought to the Client’s home by the Client’s designated person. Smoothie will be transported back to the hospital by the Client’s designated person.

  20. You agree that all the information you have provided is correct and to the best of your knowledge. You also agree to inform Your Amazing Birth immediately of any changes to your Medical Information or any additional information detailed on your booking form, before the encapsulation takes place.

  21. If one or several of the terms and conditions mentioned in this document are not applicable, all other terms and conditions still apply and the document is still valid.